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Online Slots Tournaments are a great way to play slots, getting to know new games and managing your risk against potentially huge winnings.

Slots tournaments are relatively straightforward. Most good online casinos run regular tournaments and the way they work is as follows:

A particular online slots game is chosen that has to be played. A start time and end time is set and players will then register to take part in the tournament. There is often a registration fee to enter the tournament.

Once registered and the start time is reached you will need to play the slots game as specified in the tournament rules. There may be a minimum wager requirement on the game or perhaps all you need to do is win a certain amount in a single spin to qualify for the next round.

Often the winner is determined by the value of bets (wagering) that the person has made on the particular slots game. Sometimes, in knockout tournaments, each day as the tournament progresses playeres that have not reached a minimum wager, or have not won a specified amount will be knocked out.

As the days progress the wager requirement or win amount will increase until there is only 1 player left.

Slots tournaments often have huge prize funds totalling several thousand dollars.

Online casinos also offer many other type of tournaments. You can take part in roulette, blackjack or poker tournaments. Many casinos offer freeroll tournaments. This means that you do not have to pay a registration fee. The only commitment is to the minimum wagering requirements for the tournament.

You will also find that some casinos offer freeroll entry to a tournament of your choice as part of their welcome bonus. This is great way to learn the games and increase your bankroll as a new player. It is also a great way to reach minimum wagering requirements for withdrawals and increase your casino comp points.

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Available Casino Games and Slots Tournaments
Prize Fund
Visit Site
1 Europa Casino June Grand Prix - Elite Challenge $4,000
2 Mansion Marvel Slots - Film Festival $15,000
3 Platinum Play The Bank Job 100,000 Credits + $15,000
4 Party Casino The Big Race $150,000
5 CasinoEuro Gonzo's Treasure Hunt $10,000

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