Slots strategy tips

Slots Strategy and Tips for Online Casinos

Many people ask us what strategy to use when playing slots in online casinos. The answer is that there is no real rule to follow.

Many times the obvious answer stares you straight in the face and at the end of the day the speculator is more likely to accumulate. It all depends how much money you want to win.

Big progressive jackpot winners will always play online slots with a large stake. If it is a multi line video slots game that is being played then make sure that you are playing all the paylines on every spin. Also make sure that you are playing the maximum number of coins.

Most online slot games will allow you to choose a coin value and the choose the number of coins to bet per line. The maximum number of coins per line in normally 10 coins. As you can see this can mean that you are wagering quite a large amount of money on every spin. If your coin size is $1, and you wager max bet, which is 10 coins per line, that means $10 per line and on a 30 payline video slot means you pay $30 for every spin.

This, however is the best way to play slots for big winnings. Playing this way you will soon find that the general spin wins will amount to around 90% of the wagers that you place, so you only lose 10%.... but playing this way means that when you hit the bonus game or free spins round you stand to gain much, much more.

A bonus game will pay anything from 200% to 5000% of the original stake. The higher your original stake is then the more like you are to get a higher percentage. A $1 stake will generally gain 200% to 500% so you are looking to win perhaps $5 at most. But a stake of $30 you are much more likely to win 1000% to 3000% so your $30 gives you a $900 win. These are only examples of payouts and percentages to give an idea of how it actually works. The main thing is that to win a big amount you need to wager a reasonable amount.

This is not of course a golden rule. There are always those lucky winners that gamble $1 and come up with a $20,000 jackpot. But please be aware that this is not the norm.

On average an online casino will payout approximately 95% of the wagers that are placed. This is an overall figure and is used to keep them competitive and keep players playing. To put this simply the majority players will lose on avarage 5% of their cash by the end of the night. And to be honest this is much better than anybody should expect. But this means that the player that do come out on top are taking the 5% lost by the many players and more often than not this is done playing slots, on max bet and can land you that great jackpot feeling.

Another great tip is to look for good video slots with more than one bonus round. The bonus round is wher you can make the winnings in much higher scales. The more bonus games and the higher your stake then the more likely you are to enetr the bonus game. Always read the instructions about how the bonus round works before you play the game. A lucky dip guess of a prize hidden behind a secret door is not going to pay that much. The best is to go for games that offer free spins with multipler.

When wagering $30 per spin a 15 FREE SPINS win is worth $450 at face value, plus with a 5x multiplier the possible outcome reaches the thousands of dollars.

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